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Compressed Air Filters

Pneumatech offers a Standard (S) range and a High Efficiency (HE) range of compressed air filters to best meet your process needs. Both filter ranges offer similar benefits such as:
  • Maximum contaminant removal.
  • Energy savings.
  • Increased reliability.
  • Easy maintenance.
The HE range is engineered for minimal pressure drops and offers significant energy savings over time. Pneumatech filters are available in a number ofgrades (P, G, C, S, D and V) and sizes:

Grade Description
P Coalescing and particulate general purpose pre-filter
G Coalescing filters for general purpose protection, removing solid particles and oil aerosol
C High performance coalescing filters for general purpose protection removing, solid particles and oil aerosol
S Particulate filters for dust protection, removing solid particles
D High performance particulate filters for dust protection, removing solid particles
V Oil vapor and odor removal filter

Pneumatech Compressed air filters are available in threaded and flanged fittings:

Threaded filters

Flanged filters

Carbon Tower


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